Oral Presentations

  • Please introduce yourself to the chair of your session 10 minutes before the session begins.
  • In order to avoid technical problems and delays during the sessions, we ask you to upload your presentation the day before at the front desk. 
  • Please bring your slides in pdf or ppt format. Please label your file with your last name and your paper-ID (in ConfTool) (lastname_123.pdf).
  • Beamer and laptops are available. The use of your own laptop is not possible. 
  • All oral presentations should be given in English.
  • Contributed talks are in general scheduled for 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes discussion. If this is not the case the chair will contact you with the details.

Poster Presentations

  • Posters must be no larger than DINA0 (width: 84 cm, height: 118 cm) in portrait format.
  • Mount your posters on the poster wall that is marked with your poster-ID (in ConfTool). Pins will be made available for you.
  • It is expected that you are at your poster during the poster session in order to answer questions.

Session Chair Guidelines

  • Please go to the session room at least 10 minutes in advance of the session start time.
  • Introduce yourself to the speakers and get familiar with the technical equipment.
  • Encourage presenters to load any required files on to one laptop prior to the start of the session.
  • Monitor presentation time. 
  • Please introduce yourself shortly at the beginning of the session, introduce each speaker before her/his talk.