Arthur-Linder Prize

The Austro - Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society promotes young scientists with the Arthur Linder prize.In honor of Prof. Dr. Arthur Linder, a prize is awarded every two years to a young member of the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society (RoeS).

  1. The prize is awarded at the ROeS Biometric seminar for an excellent research paper in the field of biometrics. It can awarded on the basis of excellence in applications or theoretical research.
  2. Recipients shall not be older than 35 years old.
  3. The biennial prize is CHF 3000 – and may be redefined at any time. It is to be distributed between a maximum of two recipients.
  4. The submission deadline is May 1st in years a Biometric Seminar is held. The paper should be submitted along with a statement of scientific career development to the ROeS president.
  5. The jury consists of three people – the ROeS President and two ROeS members, one Austrian and one Swiss. The two ROeS members are elected or confirmed in their appointment every two years. Re-election is possible a maximum of two times. After reviewing the submissions, the jury members must check whether there is any bias due to a close relationship with the applicants. If one or more members of the jury are biased, they have to withdraw from the jury and the ROeS board elects substitute members.
  6. The papers will be peer-reviewed. Applicants should propose two possible reviewers. If the paper has already been accepted by a scientific journal for publication, the anonymous reviews should also be submitted.
  7. Award recipients will be announced at the RoeS-Seminar.  They will present their papers as short lectures.   

Bern, 19.9.1995, J.Hüsler, C.Hoffmann 


Arthur-Lindner-Prize Jury

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